Mar 28, 2011

Smithsonian Museum Tour

3rd grader's are taking a tour of "The Smithsonian American Art Museum" - the subject is Found Object Art.

The Smithsonian has a lot of great "FREE" online tours. They also include teacher and student guides/lessons that are fantastic. Here's the link for the one on "Found Objects":

You can also check out their website and "ZOOM IN" on some of the found object art. My favorite is the one titled "Game Fish". Here's a picture of the art created by Larry Fuente and under the sculpture image is a section of the picture zoomed-in so you can see the things it is made from.
They have other art that students can zoom in on to see what it is made from and view the art up close. Before I zoomed-in on the art, I had students try to guess what they thought it was made from.

Pictures will be posted soon from out tour. The students are all EXCITED!!!

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