Nov 17, 2012

The Creative Classroom Book

Check out my NEW BOOK - "The Creative Classroom". You can purchase it as a hard copy with spiral binding or as an eBook (digital pdf).

Oct 26, 2012

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The Creative Classroom!

QR Codes

Creating QR Codes to link people and students to places to view my art!

Oct 4, 2012

"Only One You" Workshop

October 3 & 4th - Students participated in a workshop to create a "make the world a better place" pathway using rocks and painting them like fish based on the book "Only One You"!

Bulletin board created by 3rd grade enrichment students

Rocks painted by 3rd, 4th & 5th grade students

Aug 18, 2012

New Art Book - "The Creative Classroom"

My book is coming along great, I can't wait to share it with everyone. Here's what the cover looks like. As soon as it's ready, I'll let everyone know where to find it.

Aug 7, 2012

Getting Technology Savy!!!!

I've got some new sites up and ready for you to check out, what a great year this is going to be. Check me out on:

1. Pinterest -
2. Wiki -
3. Teachers Pay Teachers -

Aug 5, 2012

Jul 25, 2012

iPads - coming to an "Art Room Near You"!

We just recently got iPads as teachers and I'm so excited. I've done so much research that my brain actually is on overload. The things that are out there are unbelievable.

On of my first apps to implement is going to be: Dropbox & DROPitTOME is my link to drop files to me. This will be used to collect digital files from students, parents, etc... I can't wait to start using it. Going PAPERLESS is my GOAL!!!! Except of course heir wonderful artwork! But even that is going to be reduced with a NEW APP I want to use called "Artrage"!

Jul 14, 2012

Lesson Ideas!

I've had a lot of people ask me how did I create some of my art projects, etc... so I decided to create an account through "Teachers Pay Teachers". It's a work in progress but I do have some of my designs and ideas on there for others to check out. The link is located under my Voki, if you get a chance, check out my site sometime.

I don't have just art lessons and concepts, I also have elementary and school ideas!

Jun 21, 2012

Marc Chagall Stained Glass

I found a great stained glass lesson in the SchoolArts Magazine that I took and changed for creating "Marc Chagall Stained Glass" landscape artwork pieces. Their pieces are based off the painting "Paris Through a Window"

I used "The Dreamer for the Village" by Michelle Markel to introduce the art of Marc Chagall to my students. It's awesome!

Symbaloo....What's this?

Check out my new SYMBALOO page - this is where students, etc... can go to see some of the websites that we use in the Art Room! There's some great websites with games, facts, videos, etc... that can help enrich children's lives through art.

I have 2 pages: 1 for computers and 1 for IPads
Hope you enjoy the site!!!!

Native American Kachina Dolls

Came up with idea when I seen this book: "The Lost Kachina" by Heather Irbinskas.

These were a little challenging because of all the pieces and parts but the results were awesome and my students loved making their own doll.

4th Grade Kachina Dolls

2012 Spring Artists' Showcase

WOW!!!! What an awesome night. The school was filled with Art, Cheerleading, Dance, Drama, Music, Talent, Technology and much more. It was a great event and I'm was so excited for you to see all the wonderful things that the student's have worked hard on.

Check out our school video!!!!!

3rd Grader's - Mr. Oak Portrait created with BUTTON!!!!

The Colors of Us!

I seen this book on someone's Website and I just loved the title - "The Colors of Us". I'm always looking for great books to us in my art room that aren't necessarily art book. This is perfect for teaching kids about the various skin colors and hues.

My third graders really learned a lot from this project: how to use a compass, rulers, various lines and how to create art without always using a pencil first.

3rd Grader's - Self-Portraits based off the book "The Colors of Us" by Karen Katz

Feb 8, 2012

"You Are What You Eat"!

I love this project, it's so much fun. It's even more interesting to see what my students come up with when they have to think outside the box.

Native American Still Life's

Nikki de Saint Phalle style...

West African Dolls

Students created a "West African Doll" based on the book:
Joshua's Masai Mask.

They were introduced to the medium (media) copper and created a mask. Then they used recycled newspapers to create the body and added an adinkra cloth for clothes and yarn for hair.

Jan 19, 2012

Time Capsule Ceremony

Poster created by student's for the "Time Capsule Ceremony"
Student's were a part of a monumental event at Cartmell Elementary. Creating a Time Capsule sculpture carving, adding items such as magazines, cd's, toys, yearbooks, etc... inside the time capsule. Check out the video on our school's website!

September 21st - International Day of Peace

Enrichment art students created, banners, posters, pinwheels and bulletin boards to celebrate the 2011 "International Day of Peace" This day is always celebrated on September 21st every year around the world.

During morning announcements the video "We Are the World" was played and students go to be a part of a day that sometimes gets overlooked. I remember when this song first came out and what impact it had on me as a child. I hope it impacted others today, too.

Banner hung outside the school - created by 5th grade

Billboard - created by 3rd grade

I love this day because I think we should always rally for "PEACE" within our world! 

Jan 17, 2012

Skyping with Sheri Amsel

Author & Illustrator brings her work to 5th Grade Students!

Students skyped with author/illustrator Sheri Amsel. She discussed her books (based on science), how she started as an artist and author and she taught them how to draw a toucan and tiger. She also answered questions they had about her career and what they could do to become an author/illustrator. Guess what her response was? GO TO COLLEGE