May 13, 2010

4th Grade Native American Art

Construction Paper Masks

Horse Masks

I got this idea from blick art materials website. I thought it was different so that's why we tried it. 

"Many Plains Indian tribes created masks for their horses to give them a look of intimidating power and fierceness. Students created a horse-shaped mask that could be worn or hung for display."

3-D Art

4th Grade Recycled Art Project

I got this idea from a friend of mine, she's a GREAT art teacher (Mrs. Puckett) and I loved the idea so much that I asked if I could "borrow" it! We used 2-liter bottles to create these unique fish.


4th and 5th Grade
Landscapes - Art that represents a place!

One of my favorite art teacher books is: "Dynamic Art Projects for Children: Includes Step-by-step Instructions And Photographs (Spiral-bound)"

It has a lot of great ideas for art teachers. It's also in COLOR and has a lot of PICTURES so you know what you're creating.

4th Grade

 I used the above book to create these landscapes and they turned out awesome! The 4th graders created a landscape based on the art work of "Paul Klee".

5th Grade

The 5th graders created these landscapes based off this book. I love all the wonderful colors they used! We learned about Analogous colors (colors beside each other on the color wheel) and how to blend oil pastels.

Just a few more student samples:

May 1, 2010

4th Grade Colonial American Art

Self-Portrait Water Colors

4th Grade West African Art

Masks from West Africa

4th Grade Still Life's

Vincent Van Gogh's "Sunflowers"
Still Life Project

These 4th Graders created their own still life's based-off the artist of Vincent Van Gogh and his "Sunflower" painting. This project incorporates multiple elements and principles of art such as texture - which is created using glue as a drawing tool.

Vincent Van Gogh was also one of our artist's of the month. "Artist of the Month" gives the students a chance to learn more about a particular artist and their style of art. Students wrote one sentence about what they thought was the most interesting about the artist and we hung them up with their artwork.

5th Grade Coiled Baskets

Appalachian/Folk Art
Coiled Baskets

This is a fantastic project for introducing the concept of functional art - art used in everyday life. These turned out beautiful. I just love doing these, they're one of my favorites so far.

5th Grade Landscapes

Warm & Cool Color Landscapes

This is a great lesson to test a students knowledge of warm and cool colors and a to incorporate and introduce the subject matter of landscapes. 

I got this idea from a great blog site: Deep Space Sparkle

5th Grade Symmetry

Complimentary Color

5th Grade West African Art

West African Kente Cloth
Paper Weaving

Students used their IPOD Touches and watched a video from ITunes University about the Kente Cloth. Here's a podcast link to the same video:

Then we used construction paper to create our own Kente cloth. We learned the difference between a warp and a weft and how to weave patterns like the Asante people in Africa. They also used lines and geometric shapes to decorate their kente cloth.

5th Grade Still Life's

Warm & Cool Color Still Life's

This art project I created based on the work of artist Paul Cézanne and his "APPLES"! I thought this would be perfect to test students understanding of warm and cool colors since apples come in multiple colors. Check out the cool website and online book:

"Paul Cézanne (1829–1906) painted hundreds of apples.  How do you astonish the sophisticated critics in the art capital of the nineteenth century with an apple?  You might try painting an apple that looked more exactly like an apple than any ever before painted.  Or, you might show people a new way of seeing an apple." - Met Museum Cézanne's Astonishing Apples

5th Grade Modigliani's

Modigliani Self-Portraits
5th Grade

Amedeo Modigliani was famous for his elongated and elegant portraits, painted in Paris back in the early 1900s. I love his portraits with elongated faces in soulful colors. The heads and necks were long and narrow, giving his subjects a very graceful look.

I got this idea from a great website: but I change a few things in order to incorporate more content.  The bright colors of the oil pastels on the black construction paper really make these pop.

5th Grade Moccasins

Native American Moccasins

 5th Graders learned about the various Native American Moccasins in the United States. Then we created our very own. We created patterns by measuring our feet which I got the idea from the "Native American Technology and Art's" website: