May 11, 2011

"Champion Artists"

Skateboard Art
My "Champion Artists" - Gifted Artists - have been studying "skateboard art" by looking at various artists and types of skateboard art. With this in mind, my students had to design and paint their own version of what they thought their "skateboard art" would look like. I think these turned out FANTASTIC!!!!!

3rd Grader - "Death Rider"
4th Grader - "Skater Dude"
5th Grader - Graffiti Art

4th Grader - "Love"
4th Grader - Abstract
5th Grader - "Fury of the Night"
3rd Grader - "Evil Girl"
4th Grader - "Bob"

3rd Grader - "I'm Watching You"
3rd Grader - "The Eyes