Nov 10, 2010

Native American TiPi's

The 3rd graders created Native American TiPi's (TeePee's). Not only did they learn a lot about Native American's but, they are also learning about function (art used in everyday life) and 3-Dimensional art.

I got this idea from a really great website: that artist woman

Mike Artell - SKYPING

Mike Artell

Nov 9, 2010

CONGRATS 5th Grade

for doing such a FANTASTIC job on your "Tim Burton Still Life's"...they made it in the newspaper and you won the pizza party contest!


Art and Technology's 5th grade class were able to SKYPE with Mike Artell (author and illustrator) today. What a GREAT experience that was, this was the first class to have this experience.

Thanks Mike Artell for SYPING with us today!
You can view some of his books online and even see him draw. I'll be posting pictures soon of their AWESOME work.