Aug 30, 2011

New Door Design

We're studying about college's and universities throughout the school. I chose "The Art Institute" since I'm an art teacher.

I wanted my students to learn how many careers their are as an artist and the kind of living they could have as an artist.

1. Did you know their are over 100 careers in the field of art?
2. Did you know you could make up to $100,000 per year as an artist? 

I think that's AMAZING! To find out more about "The Art Institute" visit them online.

Warm & Cool Color Landscapes

Grand Canyons

I got this great idea from a really great website!

I thought it was perfect for assessing their knowledge of color. So I tried it with my 3rd graders and look at the fabulous results! I love all the colors and my students loved it! Way to go 3rd Grade...

Aug 11, 2011

Aug 9, 2011

School Pointe

Check out our new school pointe website, see our new school and find important classroom information for your child.

Important information about what your child will be learning, doing and creating will be posted here. Take the time to look it over! We have some exciting things planned in the Art Room!

Aug 8, 2011