Feb 2, 2013

Hundertwasser Inspired Still Life's

I love the spirals and colors that can be seen in Hundertwasser's art work! I would love to see one of his buildings in real life, I bet it's AMAZING!

Using the idea from one of his works of art, student's created a different twist on a still life!

We also got to read and enjoy his book. What I love about it is that it keeps kids interested and it has some fun things you can incorporate into your art work: like creating "an artist name"! I think mine would be: "Daisy Laughing Hippy"!

René Margaritte inspired "Marvelous Me"

One of the things in art we have to teach is portraits and sometimes it's hard to think of new ideas and ways to create a portrait. This lesson from my book made this project really FUN and INTERESTING! I wasn't sure how my 3rd grader's would do using food and watercolors to create a portrait but I'm truly inspired by the interesting ideas and choices they came up with.

Ton Schulten Inspired Landscapes

One of the lessons in my art book is a great success with my 3rd grader's. I love the separation and the bright contrasting colors they used.