Jul 21, 2010


Hello! I hope Everyone has had a GREAT SUMMER! I know I sure have and I have a lot of NEW ART projects that I think everyone is going to LOVE! I also have some new books to share with you about the art we're going to be creating.

I can't wait to share everything with you. I know it's going to be a GREAT year! Just to get you excited about ART this year, here's a sneek preview of some fun things to come:

3rd Grade - 
Van Gogh's Sunflowers Based off the book "Camille and the Sunflowers" by Laurence Anholt. 

4th Grade - 
Paper Making Andrika Bowls!

5th Grade - 
Native American Headdresses!
I got this great idea from a really cool website: That Artist Woman and had to incorporate the concept into my Native American curriculum.

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